Monthly Membership Options

  • Up to 2x sessions/week £35
  • Up to 6x sessions/week £55

 Drop-In Sessions (available for non-monthly members)
  • £7 Per Class 

 Before attending any regular classes all prospective members must attend an introductory course. This can be done as either 3 Personal Training Sessions or in an 'On-Ramp Class' (6 sessions over 2 weeks)

On Ramp
  • 6 x 1hr fully coached, small group classes (3 sessions a week over 2 weeks)  
  • £35 for all 6 sessions

Personal Intro to CrossFit

  • 4 x 1hr one to one sessions - Fast track to CrossFit classes. 
  • £80 for all 4 sessions. Dates and times by appointment. 
Personal Training
  • Single personal training session £30
  • 10 personal training sessions £250
Note: We offer a discount on our training fees for members of the Armed Forces, Emergency Services and Students. Please ask for further details.